We appreciate your business

I can’t imagine any man not finding a dozen killer options here that suit his personal taste ... no pun intended!
— Local Comedian
I get all my jeans here... The socks, jeans, and shirt selections can’t be beat.
The staff is very accommodating.
— Jeans and A Tee Kind of Guy
If a man knew everything there was to know about dressing for success, I’m sure he’d be equally impressed and delighted with Kenny’s. I couldn’t be happier if I’d just come from Savile Row.
— The Sartorialist
I would especially recommend Kenny’s to young men starting out in their careers; this is the place you want to go to learn about dressing well, and to find the clothes and accessories you need to do it.
— Very Smart Man
Best Haberdashery on Long Island, hands down.
— Our Favorite Customer